Strange lives

Stained glass window and graffiti. Charleston, WV

Lady in waiting

Negative Space

Apples & Pumpkin Cider

A little less than a month until I travel to West Virginia and I can already taste the apples. My sister promised me some Harpoon Pumpkin Cider & a trip to our favorite… Continue reading

Changing Tides

Most of my photography lately is being done with my phone. My activities shifting from outings centered solely on photography, to fishing trips and urban exploration. Dragging around a full size, proper camera… Continue reading

Green on green

Sitting in Pies & Pints


When I first started learning to navigate WordPress I saw so many apology posts. “Sorry it’s been so long…” Etc, etc. I thought, that’ll never be me, I’ll never leave my community hanging… Continue reading


Along with summer comes summer guests 🙂 This week into next I am playing host to some welcome company. I thought there would be more time to stay caught up with my blog… Continue reading

Riverside shallows

Sea oats II

Washed up

Still life on the water’s edge

Sea oats

The direction of home

Sea Grass


High surf and dangerous currents

Double oh seven-ish

Can’t you imagine a little James Bond in there???

Sunset II

  Time to put some “salt” back onto the “palette” 🙂 I’ve been spending some time near the water, getting out and enjoying some of the places that will soon be too hot… Continue reading

Sunset I


getting there



Frangipani is the common name for Plumeria, but I think Frangipani is much more fun to say!  

Sparkling Jatropha


This the second year for this dwarf aloe to bloom. I bought it 3 or 4 years ago at Home Depot, stuck in a little post with a golden cactus. It’s huge now,… Continue reading

It’s not always fun and games

It’s hard to believe the amount of insects, frogs, lizards, spiders and occasional possums end up in our pool. A few weeks ago hundreds of flying ants (I think) landed in our pool.… Continue reading



A collaboration between and Thank you Vera!!

Red white and blue



Saturday: A1A

Hot, humid, dusty, thick salt air. The beach is a few hundred yards to the left. Going the long way…





Smoke plume from a prescribed spring burn in a nearby forest. Ashes will blow in from time to time and the smell is awful, but it’s fun to photograph.

Rose reprise


Another plane

A hint of…

Rootstock ultimatum

Visual tactual

Spring green or yellow green?

Photo Synthesis



Pleasant tension

What a lovely sight



The weather is mostly to blame for my absence of late. Our pool is full and swim-able, the garden is being quite demanding as gardens are. My recently renewed interest in homemade herbal… Continue reading

Sour Grass