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Territorial behavior


Meanwhile in the Rosemary…


Robber Fly

BugGuide.Net is a fantastic resource for anyone trying to ID an insect or spider in the US or Canada – check it out! A WP friend recommended it to me so I want… Continue reading

Glass Lizard

During some backyard spring cleaning we found this glass lizard buried in the sandy dirt of an unused (up until now) flower bed. They are harmless legless lizards that closely resemble snakes. I… Continue reading

Rookery Bay Part One: Inside

Rookery Bay Environmental Learning Center ended up being a great place to kill some time. We arrived at our destination well before check-in time at our campground and had a several hours to… Continue reading

Alligator Alley

After taking in the the sunrise at the beach we set off for Naples via the Florida Turnpike and I-75 (a.k.a. Alligator Alley) For a change I put my camera down and enjoyed… Continue reading


Halictid Bee

*Special thanks to Sean at for identification and inspiration

Displaced invader

When the large bunches of banana trees in the back yard were being trimmed for the season this Cuban Tree Fog found itself looking for a new place to call home. It was… Continue reading

Backyard jewels

Colors of a sea urchin

Abandoned home

Florida Scrub Jay

The Florida Scrub Jay is a protected, threatened species that lives only here in Florida. For detailed information on this fantastic, curious little bird visit this link to the University of FL page… Continue reading

10x Macro Filter

A practice in patience, timing, focus, light, settings and luck! This morning was a learning experience. I bought a macro filter kit to see if I could get some decent macro shots without… Continue reading

Feeding the lorikeets

Our zoo has an exhibit dedicated to feeding and interacting with these colorful little birds. As I walked in to the fenced area full of screeching birds and people, I felt overwhelmed by… Continue reading

Brown skink

Discovering the unexpected

Today in the garden


Birds at the zoo

Saturday the weather was pleasant and sunny so it seemed like a perfect day to go the the Brevard Zoo. These are some of my favorite pictures of the birds I saw that… Continue reading

Recycled oyster shells


American White Pelican

Fishing Egret

Nine legged starfish


Feeding time


From my front porch


No fear

Brown Anole sunning itself in a primitive style birdhouse usually occupied by Mockingbirds.

Baby gators

Osprey, a local celebrity

Flutter by

Butterfly pictures from my hike Sunday.

Orange damselfly

White pelicans


Passion butterfly


New Years day was a perfect day for a picture walk. I chose a 3 mile trail around an impounded salt marsh and set out to enjoy the day. These views are from… Continue reading

Flower hopping



Eight pictures of a ghost crab

I took like twenty-five pictures of this crab. Instead of retreating to its hole – it posed for me


        This was hanging to  the bottom of a handrail at the beach. From what I could gather this is some sort of Bagworm moth cocoon. I was just fascinated by… Continue reading

Beautiful butterfly

A destructive beauty

The watcher becomes the watched

I see this lil’ guy all the time! His head poked out surveying the yard. An old pipe hanging off the roof of one of the outbuildings has become a look-out spot for… Continue reading