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Washed up


Still life on the water’s edge

Sea oats


Double oh seven-ish

Can’t you imagine a little James Bond in there???


Saturday: A1A

Hot, humid, dusty, thick salt air. The beach is a few hundred yards to the left. Going the long way…

Rose reprise

A hint of…

Get a handle

Oh, what a week it’s been. This past Thursday marks a milestone in an ongoing struggle in my life. I quit smoking. I am actually embarrassed to admit this about myself, but I… Continue reading

Seeing spots

A study in how to lose an hour and a half… and yes, there were more…

Spring shapes

The Bodhi Tree

Relative obscurity

Palm noir

Breaking Down

Life lines

Abstract: Captured Sunlight


Rain in the dry season

Rain in the dry season urges new growth. The banana tree on the patio has pushed up a new leaf in response to last nights soaking. The tightly wound leaf will slowly open… Continue reading





All about location…

Dead wood


Natural character



Traveler’s base

Abstract in B&W

Dabbling in B&W

I was inspired by all the gorgeous B&W photography that I see on WP so I did a little of my own. Not my wheelhouse, but it was fun.