When I first started learning to navigate WordPress I saw so many apology posts. “Sorry it’s been so long…” Etc, etc. I thought, that’ll never be me, I’ll never leave my community hanging like that. Well, life happens and here I am making my own apologies.

I was spending a crazy amount of time on my site. When I first learn a new skill I go all in, full blast. When it came to a certain point, I just quit, I couldn’t even look at the site for the longest time. I think I got burned out a little.

In the time I’ve been away amazing things have happened, we have new additions to our extended family, this past summer was the best ever, and I’ve started painting. Life is unusually fantastic.

Recently I started Instagram and Twitter and it made me miss the place where I really feel comfortable. So, here I am, back with a new outlook on how to go about things. First, I probably won’t post as often, its too time consuming for me right now. Second, I am going share a bit more of who I am. I actually, finally put my picture on my blog! Kind of a big deal for me.

My Instagram and Twitter accounts will soon be linked to my site. My Instagram site is relatively new, but I encourage you to check it out. My Twitter (which is also new) on the other hand is political and maybe a little off color for some. Please enter at your own risk, haha! And, remember, my dad has a polar opposite view of the world as I do and we can still get along and have great conversations, so don’t let it put you off too much 😉 Until I get the widgets in you can find me on either site @franklyfarrah

During the next month or so, I will update salty palette, check out what I’ve been missing, and catch up with all your awesome sites.

So, now you know I didnt fall off the face of the earth or get sucked into a sinkhole. Merry almost Christmas & New Year, and hello again.



I'm horrible at selfies. Here's me with no makeup, showing off my winter gear, it's the best I can do for ya!