Thank you all

Photography sends me to another place, I lose myself, a meditative calm sets over me. Viewing life through a lens allows me to step out of myself for a little while and see only beauty and possibility. Simple becomes profound, imperfection transforms the mundane.

My mind can be fractured, catapulting from one anxious thought to another, but put a camera in my hands and that all fades away.

I rambled about the yard today with my camera and took about 100 pictures, searching out just the right shots, looking for overlooked visual treasures. Thank goodness the digital age of photography allows me to shoot to my hearts content and sit down at my computer to transfer the images and immediately peer into the world that  I discover through my camera.

Hopping around the wordpress world of photography lets me know I am definitely not alone in my love of stills. I am surrounded by so many fantastic visual artists. Seeing the world through another hearts perspective is a pleasure. So thank you to everyone out there that is willing to share your vision and soul with the rest of us.

Even though I sometimes feel as though I am lost among the fray, just another random person with a camera, every single person that connects with a picture I’ve taken makes me feel special. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all those that have taken a look and ‘liked’ my photography. That show of support and encouragement is no little thing to me, it is tremendous.


*Originally posted November 14, 2012