About (updated)

September 2012:

A little introduction to me, saltypalette:

I am a West Virginia native and have now become a well settled Florida transplant. Spending the first twenty-some years of my life in West Virginia and the last 10 in Florida flavors my life with both the rural extreme of the former and the jungle nature of the latter. I feel there are unspoken rules in any area about belonging. In WV, if you are born and grown there, it is always home, it owns your soul; a Hotel California of sorts. In FL the natives are dwindling and the turnover rate is fantastic. Unless born here, one isn’t truly a resident until you have been here at least a decade or more. These days I feel as though I am a Floridian and this is my home, but WV has my heart, always.

Photography is new to me and so is blogging. Life is in flux at the moment and the time is right to start new things. I have a cheap camera Nikon D3200 (got an upgrade!), a keyboard and a hungry mind with a drive to create, write, and share.

The saltypalette blog is more or less my photographic journal.

Thank you for taking a look…I hope you enjoy it.

December 2012:

The above “About” was thrown together as I began blogging a few months ago. I have a few thoughts I would like to add, but I don’t want to delete the older version.

The east coast of central Florida, is where I call home. Our house is nestled in a small fishing town where the “Space Coast” meets the “Treasure Coast” alongside the Indian River Lagoon.

All photography on my site is taken by me, if it is not I will let you know in the post. It is also all current (within a week of posting) unless I give a date – I enjoy taking pictures as I go through daily life. I want to capture the now. Every once in a while there will be posts of some older stuff I’ve done, favorites you know.

The pictures I post are not ‘fiddled’ with much. At the most a little adjustment in Photoshop of the levels or a crop. I try to capture what I intend the photograph to be when I snap the pic. I use a super light touch with editing.

And because I think it is necessary: Please ask permission if you would like to use any of my images in any way.

To each and every person taking the time to read these words and view my work, I thank you again.

February 2013:

New gear!! Now using a Nikon 3200 with an 18-55mm lens and learning/experimenting with post processing. Another part of the journey taking shape…