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Lady in waiting



Naples Botanical Garden  

Palm noir

Surrounded by butterflies

Naples Botanical Garden Butterfly House

Searching for sunset

Naples Pier ended up being my choice for sunset pictures that evening. We had spent a lot of time hunting down a place closer to camp, but after some poor advice, a couple… Continue reading

Another beginning

Sunrise March 8, 2013  Wabasso Beach, East Coast Florida My birthday. A new day, a new year, and a weekend trip to the Gulf Coast. A sunrise to sunset trip. Cheers to another… Continue reading

Halictid Bee

*Special thanks to Sean at for identification and inspiration

It was all yellow…

Backyard jewels


Breaking Down

10x Macro Filter

A practice in patience, timing, focus, light, settings and luck! This morning was a learning experience. I bought a macro filter kit to see if I could get some decent macro shots without… Continue reading

From the bridge

Rain in the dry season

Rain in the dry season urges new growth. The banana tree on the patio has pushed up a new leaf in response to last nights soaking. The tightly wound leaf will slowly open… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

Zen moment II


Discovering the unexpected

Today in the garden




Spring bananas

The frost didn’t get them this year!! These are the first spring bananas we’ve had since living here thanks to the mild winter.

Feeding time


Sunset and skydivers

A very nice sunset behind our local grocery store. The city airport is close by and it’s a common site to see skydivers falling through the sky. They are very tiny in these… Continue reading

She makes me smile

(Gallery) Every day she makes me laugh. Isabella has a sense of exactly how cute she is. Her favorite form of unbelievable cuteness is looking at us upside down. I would swear she… Continue reading

Flutter by

Butterfly pictures from my hike Sunday.


Papaya in bloom

Now for something a little more Florida… The papaya is blooming and starting to fruit.

Dead wood

Tree love

Gallery. An old Hickory tree, I think – if anyone else can identify it let me know. I was out walking around taking pictures near the edge of the lagoon and saw this… Continue reading

Good Night

100th Post: Abstracts in color

(3 image gallery)  

Ocean Views: Blowing Rocks I

Oh, what a day out! Blowing Rocks Preserve is on Jupiter Island in Hobe Sound FL, a little further south than my usual haunts. What a spectacular place! It is unlike any beach… Continue reading

Natural character

Shadow of a flower

I didn’t know why I walked out with my camera in my hand until I saw this…

Reflection and glow

Touring the neighborhood looking for Christmas light displays we took a break to walk out a local dock. The last light of the day was still hanging to the horizon and reflecting on the… Continue reading

Abstract in B&W

Orchid with buds

Dark trees


Sky capture

I am a sucker for clouds. Countless shots taken, hundreds sitting in files, but this one makes me smile each time I see it. Hopefully it will brighten your day as well.

Through the window

Quick capture

It blooms


The nature of texture

Spider’s web