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When I first started learning to navigate WordPress I saw so many apology posts. “Sorry it’s been so long…” Etc, etc. I thought, that’ll never be me, I’ll never leave my community hanging… Continue reading


Along with summer comes summer guests 🙂 This week into next I am playing host to some welcome company. I thought there would be more time to stay caught up with my blog… Continue reading

Riverside shallows

Washed up

High surf and dangerous currents


The weather is mostly to blame for my absence of late. Our pool is full and swim-able, the garden is being quite demanding as gardens are. My recently renewed interest in homemade herbal… Continue reading

For the sake of pretty


Nothing else can spur stunted creativity like being tasked to do something completely outside the norm and given complete freedom of process. Being informally commissioned to make some stock photography for a blog… Continue reading

Get a handle

Oh, what a week it’s been. This past Thursday marks a milestone in an ongoing struggle in my life. I quit smoking. I am actually embarrassed to admit this about myself, but I… Continue reading


Seeing spots

A study in how to lose an hour and a half… and yes, there were more…


Chickens are funny

Chickens are funny creatures. I went with a friend to his rental property and the current renter had chickens in a small coop and since I don’t go anywhere without my camera these… Continue reading

Such is life…

Random and blue

Time for an adventure! I will be taking some time off to go on a mini-vacation. A long weekend – long overdue. Today is all preparation, then we will be heading out. Hope… Continue reading

Many moods of Isabella

Drop of paint

Abandoned home

Please help with identification, what have we found?

Found in a pile of sand that had been trucked in from a local commercial sand pit (southeast Brevard County, FL)  and I need help identifying them. These are definitely fossils, I am… Continue reading

Early morning fruit tree

Brown skink

Recycled oyster shells


Upgrade baby! Nikon D3200

Yesterday I received something I have longed for. A new digital camera. My trusty ole Sony cyber-shot 5 mp point and shoot has been a trooper. We have been through moves, snow, hiking,… Continue reading


Our shadows

Leave the light on for you

Main reflection

Zen moment


Small town Saturday night

This is a little different from what I usually post, but I thought it was so funny I just had to share. We came upon a group of kids using cardboard sleds to… Continue reading

She makes me smile

(Gallery) Every day she makes me laugh. Isabella has a sense of exactly how cute she is. Her favorite form of unbelievable cuteness is looking at us upside down. I would swear she… Continue reading


Getting home

Going on adventures eventually leads to getting hungry and getting home. After a long day of driving and hiking I wanted a great big juicy burger and some fries. Everyone had been telling… Continue reading

Good omen

After a holiday season full of home-cooked meals and a long hike yesterday, I was ready for take-out. Had Chinese for dinner last night. When the end of the meal came and it… Continue reading

Silent partner

Introducing Isabella. She helps with almost every post, generally sitting in my lap or sleeping behind me on the bed or walking across the keyboard blocking the monitor. I can’t imagine my life… Continue reading

Yin and Yang

Fence eyes

Sweetness in the sour orange

Birds nest found in the sour orange tree. So sweet… November 2012

A place to sit

December 24, 2012


        This was hanging to  the bottom of a handrail at the beach. From what I could gather this is some sort of Bagworm moth cocoon. I was just fascinated by… Continue reading

Grey Day

Acorns at the park

Something is brewing

Branches in blue

Sky capture

I am a sucker for clouds. Countless shots taken, hundreds sitting in files, but this one makes me smile each time I see it. Hopefully it will brighten your day as well.



Empty lot