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Sea oats II


Sea oats

Sea Grass


Frangipani is the common name for Plumeria, but I think Frangipani is much more fun to say!  

Sparkling Jatropha


This the second year for this dwarf aloe to bloom. I bought it 3 or 4 years ago at Home Depot, stuck in a little post with a golden cactus. It’s huge now,… Continue reading


Red white and blue



Rose reprise


A hint of…

Rootstock ultimatum

Visual tactual

Spring green or yellow green?

Photo Synthesis



Pleasant tension

What a lovely sight


Sour Grass

For the sake of pretty

Meanwhile in the Rosemary…

Seeing spots

A study in how to lose an hour and a half… and yes, there were more…

Spring shapes

Yesterday’s blooms

A few blooms from yesterday morning. Most of the weekend was spent gardening… again… Today I plan to sit outside and enjoy the work I’ve done. Watch the lizards brawl, the bumble bees… Continue reading

Unlikely traveler

This yellow pear tomato came from the seed of a tomato plant that started its life in West Virginia. A family member went to WV last fall to visit and ended up rescuing… Continue reading

The air plant and plans for tomorrow

Spring color

Naples Botanical Garden Part One: Assorted

** Some of the previous posts from the Garden didn’t seem to make it out to many of the Readers** The reader issue seems to be going both ways – many posts from… Continue reading

What could have been

Last night I let a bad thing happen. My tomato plants will not survive because of it. I underestimated the severity of the cold weather that was setting in and only covered my… Continue reading


Evidence of winter



Early morning fruit tree

White Bird of Paradise and a special thanks

Today I would like to say a special thank you to Joey and Marks Culver 🙂  They nominated the saltypalette blog for two awards, the ‘Versatile Blogger’ and the ‘Liebster’ awards. Their site… Continue reading

Rain in the dry season

Rain in the dry season urges new growth. The banana tree on the patio has pushed up a new leaf in response to last nights soaking. The tightly wound leaf will slowly open… Continue reading

Elegant in green


Zen moment II

Colors of Palm


Spring bananas

The frost didn’t get them this year!! These are the first spring bananas we’ve had since living here thanks to the mild winter.

At play

Natural neon

Happy Tree Tuesday


Five palms


Epiphyte wikipedia link

Big Tree Program

The “Big Tree” from Nicholas County located near Widen WV. (Insert Widen joke here for anyone familiar…) This Yellow Poplar is a sight that most people in the area have made their way… Continue reading