Changing Tides


Most of my photography lately is being done with my phone. My activities shifting from outings centered solely on photography, to fishing trips and urban exploration. Dragging around a full size, proper camera in the crowds, heat, rain and salt water isn’t going to happen. That little trooper, my handy smartphone goes dang near everywhere with me.

The pictures aren’t as sharp and I don’t get the control or feel of my Nikon in my hands. Still, the images are captured, and isn’t that the most important part?

As life changes and evolves, so do my habits. Sitting at my PC for hours on end, editing and posting, isn’t going to work anymore. Part of the issue for me with WordPress was figuring out how to step away from the PC and get the apps & tools together to move forward again.

This blog and the community that supports it helped me through a few rough transitions in my life. Genuine thanks go out to you all. I took a look back through the posts & realized that there were so many thing I’d forgotten, so many people that were so kind. It meant & means a great deal to me.