The ingredients of a great evening

Our camp site at the KOA campground near Naples was a pleasant surprise. There wasn’t a breathtaking vista but our site was cozy and situated far enough away from the other tent campers that it felt quite private. I like to camp and I trust my standards of cleanliness much more than those of any hotel chain.

I had done some research on restaurants in the area and trust me between Naples and Marco Island there are a ton! The reviews for most places were mixed and without the opinion of someone familiar with the area choosing one was difficult. The staff at the campground offered up flyers for some crab shacks and seafood restaurants that looked mediocre.

Dinner at a bad restaurant can ruin an evening and the grill on the fire pit had given me an idea. Steaks and beer.

Apologies to my vegan and recovering friends, but one thought of an ice cold beer and the smell of steak cooking over an open fire and we were off to Publix!

Dinner at camp turned out to be a fun and easy alternative to a busy and iffy restaurant. And this way we could share a six pack and not have to worry about driving. I have a max of 12 beers a year with a glass or two of good wine in between, but that night I celebrated… 3 beers in one night!

After dinner we reminisced on the day, listening to music as we watched the fire burn down to embers.