Executing Plan B

One goal of the trip was to sight see on Marco Island and find a place to do sunset pictures that evening, so after the Rookery Bay ELC we set our sights on getting over to the island. The drive over the bridge showcased a spectacular view of the blue Gulf waters, grand buildings and marinas. After that I wasn’t so impressed. We went in search of a beach, just a place to hit the water and unwind. Soon after arriving at that idea we passed a giant flashing sign that read “Spring break – police on beach” that didn’t sound inviting.

The buildings were jammed together and parking was non-existent. After a half hour of navigating the overwhelming traffic I was ready to go. We never found the public beach and upon reaching the mainland side of the bridge I found myself breathing a literal sigh of relief to be off the island.

So much for Marco Island…

There was still an hour and a half till check-in at the campground and I was in the mood for something low-key. Maybe I’m becoming jaded or the laid back east coast has me spoiled, but I just can’t take the hustle and bustle like I used to. I had read about a tiny park with a boardwalk that we could stop at on our way back to camp.

Briggs Nature Center –