Existential house-keeping

Getting out of town always seems to refresh me and this trip definitely accomplished that goal. It was a nice quick trip, I got to see quite a few places I hadn’t had the opportunity to visit before. The whole trip went relatively easy, only a few snags along the way. Considering the lack of planning, I call that a win.

This past weekend was special for me in another way, I turned one year older. My birthday falls in March so I like to start my new year with spring cleaning, getting my physical and mental house in order. Also, our time changed over the weekend, we lost an hour. The longer days make it truly feel like spring is here. It also feels like a good time to do some house-keeping both literal and otherwise.

I have been getting behind on some things I sorely want to start. I want to do some research, organization, reading, gardening and we are getting ready to start a home improvement project – so there is loads to do. Plus I took an insane amount of pictures over the weekend and I need some time to get through those πŸ™‚

I am extending my WP vacation. Taking a week off from posting, catching up with those I follow and getting some things checked off my rapidly expanding to-do list.

So, I will be back in a week, ready to go with a bunch of fresh images! Until then here is a taste of how the journey began… sunrise on Friday.

Just before sunrise