Blue trail

Hiking in the St. Sebastian River Preserve State Park last Saturday was great deal of fun. Going for hikes in the wilderness is something I’ve done all my life, but it has taken me some time to find safe, interesting places to get out for a nice day hike here in Florida. The southeast quadrant of the park contains a 10 mile loop trail called the Blue Trail, a few little links connect in with the main trail. We did a small portion of the Blue and some of the links, probably 3-4 miles total.

Near our chosen start point was an really nice canoe landing with a boardwalk staircase leading down to a river view. The rest of the trail took us through fields, scrub, and marshes. I have been through other sections of the park, but these trails on this day had so many different plants, flowers and birds to offer. I was so excited, flitting like a butterfly from one interesting thing to the next.

This post contains some of the landscape photos from the trail. Soon I will share posts of the flowers and plants I found along the way.