10x Macro Filter

A practice in patience, timing, focus, light, settings and luck! This morning was a learning experience. I bought a macro filter kit to see if I could get some decent macro shots without going to the expense of a quality lens. I don’t think the extension tubes work with my camera/lens set up, so I opted for trying out the filters instead. I’m happy with the quality – my skills need some work though 🙂 The filters can be stacked, the settings can be changed, the focus can be tweaked, the light could be better… on and on…

Working outside with the wind and changing light, plus the fact that my eyes are weak made getting the shots frustrating, but in a good way. I felt challenged! Macro is part of what fascinates me about photography and I want to keep working at it.

Life is all about vacillating from the big picture down through the details and back again, in order to gain a perspective of the whole. I like capturing that in pictures.