Big Tree Program

The “Big Tree” from Nicholas County located near Widen WV. (Insert Widen joke here for anyone familiar…) This Yellow Poplar is a sight that most people in the area have made their way out to see. Kids skip school and ride down to see it, make out and drink beer there. Adults drag the little ones out to it for a Sunday drive. Hunters camp there during season. The Big Tree is a local landmark.

From what I could tell the tree is in failing health. The last time I was there I was worried that part of the canopy might fall on our heads as we were walking around the trunk. In spite of that, it is still a magnificent tree.

I grew up in the area but I realized upon doing this post that I really didn’t know much about the famous Yellow Poplar. I knew it was a big Poplar in Widen. After a little research I found two helpful resource links I would like to share.

West Virginia Big Tree Program

National Big Tree Database

I found the specs for my big tree at the first link. Measured in 2006 and nominated for the registry in 1977 – this Poplar is 173 feet tall with a canopy spread of 82 feet. The circumference at ‘breast height’ is 212 inches.

Happy Tree Tuesday!!