She makes me smile


Every day she makes me laugh. Isabella has a sense of exactly how cute she is. Her favorite form of unbelievable cuteness is looking at us upside down. I would swear she is part bat! She hangs from her kitty pole upside down and grabs at her tail and then stops and gives me that upside down look that makes me laugh every time.

She is also a better at fetching than most dogs. We discovered her affinity for fetching when she was a kitten. We got her some of those little furry mice that cats like to bat around and all on her own she started bringing them back, asking us to throw them again.

She is also our ‘guard kitty,’ she lets us know if any animals are in the yard or if she hears any odd sounds. For a while we had a problem with our neighbors cat, Bootsie or Pookie, I forget. This cat would pee on our doorstep and sit outside the windows tormenting our inside cat while licking his paws nonchalantly. After a few months of this going on, day after day, Isabella decided she’d had enough. The weather was nice and we’d had the windows open so she took advantage and made her move. Bootsie/Pookie never saw it coming – Isabella burst through the screen right on top of his head and catching the big tom off guard she proceeded to take out months of frustration on the black cat.

We were shocked and scared for her, we ran outside and broke them apart, grabbing Isabella up in the midst of her frenzied fit of anger and brought her back inside. After letting her cool down and checking her for wounds we laughed like crazy. Darn cat got what it deserved and Isabella didn’t have a scratch on her! Thank goodness the other cat was caught unaware or Isabella may have been really hurt.

From that day on the cat gives our house a wide berth as it moves through the neighborhood and there is no more pee on our doorstep. We still laugh about how Isabella got her revenge on her arch nemesis – the tormenting tomcat.