Cranberry Glades

As promised, some pics of West Virginia. I may have a new theme, we’ll call it “throwback Thursday.”

Before I moved to Florida I had a ‘Glades’ of my own to visit, a spectacular place unlike any other in WV. Cranberry Glades is a wonderful treasure nestled in the mountains – I miss this area the most. This is a place where Cranberries and Pitcher Plants grow wild, bears roam right off the path (it’s located in a bear sanctuary) and mountains surround you in a sweet embrace.

I have so many pictures from the Glades so this probably won’t be the last time you see it featured here. Cranberry Glades is the one place that is sure to make me homesick every time I see the pictures. Although I am sure that right now it is under feet of snow and nearly unreachable without a snowmobile!