Side by side

A picture from back in the day, from one of my favorite spots in the mountains. This is on the Gauley River in WV, just downriver of the Mouth of Persinger. My old stomping grounds.

This is where me and my special someone spent 3 nights camping that summer. It was a mile hike in through the brush, half deer trail half paths. The nights were quiet and peaceful by the fire and during the day we went swimming, hiking and fishing.

I thought this picture represents us pretty well. Side by side.

My special someone, AKA <*(((>< has been featured on Salty Palette in two posts All in a days work and I have drunk and seen the spider Now he has his own sparkling new blog called Mangrove Explorer. He has been working hard on it so I want to welcome him to the blog world and show my support. So give him some blog love and check it out 🙂

Also, I want to take this chance to let you know I will be posting some of my photography of the state that was my home for so long. I have a few favorite images of the places I dearly love in my archives that haven’t seen the light of day for some time. I hope it gives you an opportunity to see where I came from and why my first home, West Virginia, is so special to me.