Ocean Views: Blowing Rocks I

Oh, what a day out!

Blowing Rocks Preserve is on Jupiter Island in Hobe Sound FL, a little further south than my usual haunts. What a spectacular place! It is unlike any beach I have ever been to in Florida. An Anastasia limestone outcropping runs for about a 1/4 mile of the beach, making for a unique experience. The waves break against the rock and blow into the air – thus the name – Blowing Rocks. It is a nature photographers dream. And apparently a fashion photographer thought it was a cool place for a shoot, I snapped a pic of one working with a model on the beach.

Saturday was overcast and grey, rain was threatening, it actually rained on me on the drive there. The rain slowed to a sprinkle then stopped altogether, thank goodness, I would have hated to have missed out on this place. I took a lot of pictures and I could have taken so many more! I will be going back in the coming year. Hopefully for some sunrise photos.