Getting home

Going on adventures eventually leads to getting hungry and getting home. After a long day of driving and hiking I wanted a great big juicy burger and some fries. Everyone had been telling me about this restaurant ‘Five Guys’ so I set my mind on finding one and tearing in to a cheeseburger. And boy did I! I was almost ashamed of myself… I wolfed it down in no time flat, wiped my mouth and thanked the cooks. I don’t do cheeseburgers very often so that was a treat.

After the satiating burger, I settled back in to the car for the ride home from Stuart. The rain that had held off for most of the day started to come down and the remaining light from the day started to fade.

I thought you might like to see what the functional side of Florida looks like. Just driving down the road, staring out the windows, lost in a haze of fast food and memories of the day.

Jenson Beach


Stuart rain

almost home